about us

Viki Sense

VIKI SENSE company is not just a facial recognition software development company. It is a company with products and solutions that include biometric recognition engines.

This is a company with creative solutions, with unique products that have already been integrated and have been operating in the field for several years. This is a company that adapted its products to the customer’s requirements in the field, and delivered a quality response.

The identification software and products are the creation of the people in a company characterized by flexibility “and thinking outside the box”.

The technology development group of Viki Sense has deep experience in developing biometric software solutions for security applications over the past decade. The group is comprised of leading Israeli technology experts in various disciplines, including voice recognition, face recognition, user profiling and intelligence security applications.

Viki Sense’s Technologies are the culmination of many years of development of cutting edge technologies in these complimentary fields.


Viki Sense was founded in order to offer innovative biometric technology solutions to security applications such as access control and secure financial transactions, in addition to exploiting the technologies for more creative applications in eCommerce and retail situations.



The company develops and manufactures identification and verification processes in number of techniques:

Mobile app sign-in control

Facial recognition entry
 control – N:N

Physical entry control integrated smart card 1:1

Entry control based on biometrics only – 1: N

Register and verify customers in the app and on websites

Identity verification from certificate combined with biometrics without database



Viki Sense has developed sophisticated user profiling based on a Business Intelligence data base which is constantly “learning,” namely updating the user profile based on current behavior of the customer. The system uses historical data of the user, in order to increase the profile parameters in the data base for an updated profile.

Viki Sense is proud to offer clients its unique integrated technologies which simulate actual human interactions using a virtual image which has advanced capabilities of face and voice recognition in addition to detailed user profiling. The engine can recognize customers by face, voice, history and profiling and can offer them full automatic service in their own language, providing tirelessly courteous service.