Products & Solutions

- Facial ID recognition – a unique and progressive system for recognizing faces which was developed by VIKI SENSE. The system is used both in civil and military fields WITH ONLINE/OFFLINE SUPPORT. Recently, the company launched a unique feature which provides a solution for the problem of camouflage, including highly accurate and speedy individual positive ID. Vikisense sets new standards in the field of face recognition. Viki's unique & patented algorithms incorporate state-of-the-art 'disguise-proof' capabilities

  • VAC : Viki Access Control
  • VBS  : Viki Bio-Surveillance
  • Group recognition
  • Recognition from video/media/cellular

- Speech Recognition  - Automated Multi-lingual voice user interface.  
Developed in-house at VikiSense, our technology supports ASR (automatic speech recognition), CSR (computer speech recognition), STT (speech to text) among a myriad of integrated capabilities. vIKISENSE has the most progressive abilities in the world and manages top line development WITH  a decade of experience in the field and has the following abilities:

  • Recognition platforms of speech for all purposes (civil and military)
  • Multi-lingual interactive
  • Ability to integrate with additional biometric systems
  • Verification of customer/employee

- Speaker Authentication / ID - Used to authenticate or verify the identity of a speaker as part of a security process. VSI's development team is a world class leader in this technological domain.

- personal customers services (PCS) – Lifelike graphical virtual character UI technology compliments Viki integrated BioMetric systems in a wide variety of customer service applications.

- Cellulare Identification