About Vikisense

Viki-Sense Ltd. is a Start-Up company that combines biometric and progressive technological abilities.
The company was established in 2012 by veterans of the Israeli security forces with backgrounds in technology, security and intelligence.
Vikisense provides technological products and solutions for the following areas:

  • Security and safety system technologies.
  • Unique systems in the field of biometrics.
  • Public data systems.
  • Marketing and advertising systems.

The company is a patent holder of security and civil products. We also have additional products which are patent-pending.
The company deals with development and production in the following fields:

  • Face Recognition (FR)
  • Vocal Recognition (VR)
  • Speech Recognition (SR)

OUR Vision is to be the leading company and to influence the aforementioned fields, to be at the fore of development of technology while providing the best responses and finding creative solutions most suitable to customer requirements.